Let the Good Times Roll

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Written by Jody Pierce, LCSW, ED

illistration of three cartoon kids jumpingKids are so excited about summer and time off from school, but summer can be stressful for parents who may struggle with keeping kids busy or with helping kids adjust to summer camp programs or new babysitters. It’s difficult to balance the need for down time, friend time, and family time. Meeting everyone’s needs can be a challenge and parents need a break too! Here are some tips that will help parents have more fun with their child or teen this summer:

  1. Kids still need a routine or daily schedule in the summer and daily chores are a good thing. Balancing responsibilities and time for fun is ideal.
  2. Play time and time with peers prevents isolation and is a good way for kids to learn about themselves and the world. It’s a great opportunity for parents to have play time with their children too.
  3. Getting physical activity is crucial for all of us and some kids need encouragement to do this. If parents join kids in activities, especially outdoor activities, it helps kids get more physical and builds the relationship between parents and children. Studies show that children who stay physically active have greater self-confidence and do better in school. Physical activity affects mood too and helps children or adolescents with depression or anxiety.
  4. Limiting screen time can be challenging, but is so good for kids. This is a common issue for parents as technology has become the “go to” activity for many kids. Finding reasonable limits that can be enforced and apply to all family members, even parents, can work well. Some families set a time limit, others a time a day.

So, let the good times roll and enjoy this special summertime with you child or teen!