An Intern’s Perspective: Casey Flynn

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image of Casey FlynnI am a student of social work at the University of Denver, and have been working as an intern at Pennock Center since September of last year. From the beginning, I have felt very supported by my supervisor, Jody Pierce, and by all the staff at Pennock. The agency culture is so welcoming, kind, and available, and these qualities have cultivated a great environment for learning. The building that Pennock is housed in shares these same qualities. It feels spacious, warm, and inviting, all aspects that contribute to forming strong relationships among staff and clients.

The best part about being an intern at Pennock, and the reason why I enjoy doing therapy so much, is my relationship with clients. I feel much gratitude toward people who are struggling in their lives, have the strength to ask for help, and have the courage to confide in a stranger, such as myself. I learn so much from client experiences. The stories I hear enrich my worldview and my understanding of humanity beyond any experience I have had before entering the field of social work. I am also grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the process of self-understanding and cultivating clarity that occurs in the therapeutic relationship. I find it so rewarding to participate in client cultivation of self-awareness and to watch clients discover their own capabilities for change.

I will be leaving Pennock Center at the end of May, and I will think fondly upon my time here and all the relationships that I have been so fortunate to have. Thank you all.